Quarrel Destroys Relationship

A saying in old China something like this, “One can win over and influence people the best with gestures of kindness and compassion.”


A farmer in ancient China had a neighbour who was a hunter, and who owned ferocious and poorly trained hunting dogs.

They jumped over the fence frequently and chased the farmer’s lambs. The farmer asked his neighbour to keep his dogs in check, but this fell on deaf ears.

One day the dogs again jumped the fence, attacked and severely injured several of the lambs.

The farmer had enough of his neighbours negligence. He ‎went to town to consult a judge who listened carefully to the story and said: “I could punish the hunter and  ‎ instruct him to keep his dogs chained or lock them up. But you would lose a friend and gain an enemy. Which would you rather have, friend or foe for a neighbour?”

The farmer replied that he preferred a friend. “Alright, I will offer you a solution that keeps your lambs safe, and which will keep your neighbour as a friend.”

Having heard the judge’s solution, the farmer agreed. Once at home, the farmer immediately put the judge’s suggestions to the test.

He took three of his best lambs and presented them to his neighbour’s three small sons, who were overjoyed to receive such lovely pets and began to play with them.

To protect his sons newly acquired playthings, the hunter built a strong kennel for his dogs. Since then, the dogs never again bothered the farmer’s lambs.

Out of gratitude for the farmer’s generosity toward his sons, the hunter often shared the game he had hunted with the farmer.

The farmer reciprocated by sending the hunter, lamb meat and cheese he had made. Within a short time the neighbours became good friends.

A saying in old China something like this, “One can win over and influence people the best with gestures of kindness and compassion.”

There is another similar Western saying: “One catches more flies with honey than with vinegar.” And, “Do you know what is better than charity and fasting and prayer? It is keeping peace and good relations between people, as quarrels and bad feelings destroy mankind.”

Kindness and compassion are signs of faith. Let us make it a part of us to be polite when we speak and not make rude remarks and bring people down with our words at every opportunity we get, especially with our families, friends and colleagues.


18. A successful marriage is always a triangle : God, a man and a woman.


1.  Wedding is a day but marriage is a lifetime .
2.  A stingy man who is single will still be stingy when married.
3.  Silence . never be misquoted.
4.  If you want what no one has had, you must do what no one has done.
5.  When God wants to bless you, He puts a person in your life. When Satan wants to destroy you, he puts a person in your life.
6.  It is better to be single and alone than to be married to the wrong person.
7.  Avoid a contentious woman.
8.  3 men to avoid:
              a.   A hot tempered man.
              b.   A womanizer.
              c.    A drunkard.
9.  Marrying a comedian does not guarantee a happy marriage.
10. Never be yoked to anyone who will not be yoked to God.
11. 3 words that echo peace in a marriage:
            a.  I love you .
            b.  I am sorry .
            c.  Thank you.
12. Don’t waste your time meditating or dwelling on your singleness.
13. Cohabitation is a recipe for marital failure .
14. Deal with anti-marriage dreams.
15. Masturbation is destruction.
16. Marriage without friendship is like a sky without the sun.
17. If you rush into marriage, you may end up with someone who will bury your destiny.
18. A successful marriage is always a triangle : God,  a man and a woman.
19. Why you marry is as important as who you marry.
20. Much happiness in life depends on your marital choice.
21. A man needs divine wisdom from God in choosing who to marry.
22. Do not place your priority on good looks; no woman is ugly, she just needs rebranding.
23. 3 major characteristics to look for in a woman:
              a.  Fear of God.
              b.  Wisdom.
              c.   Discretion (beauty is vanity).
24. The best way to enslave a woman is to show her love excessively – as a rule, women don’t run away from where they’re pampered.
25. Love is not blind;
infatuation and lust are blind.
26. Love puts God first,
lust puts sex first.
27. Test every love with your peace of mind, if it is absent, God is not there.
28. If you are a true friend, you will attract true friends.
29. Caring hearts never lack caring hands.
30. Desperation leads to frustration.
31. Bad marriages can be avoided before they begin.
32. Keep yourself pure and your bed undefiled.
33. It is spiritual insanity to plan to convert someone so you can marry the person.
34. Wage war against the devil that fought your parents’ marriage.
35. Marriage is a covenant, always look before you leap.
36. It is better to be single and believing God to be married than to be married and believing in God to be single.
37. A broken courtship is better than a failed marriage.
38. Do not marry money or property, marry a person.
39. Be presentable.


1. Don’t break up with someone over text messages.

2. In case you miss a call, drop a message as soon as possible if you’re unable to call.

3. Pay back borrowed money as soon as possible no matter how little the amount is. Don’t assume that they don’t need it and never make them ask you for it.

4. Turn the volume down when you’re
watching a video, playing music or playing a game on your phone in a public place or better yet, use headphones.

5. Don’t press your phone or use headphones when someone is having a conversation with you. Unplug the headsets from your ears even if nothing is playing and give them your undivided attention.

6. When using someone else’s phone or
computer, Don’t go through their stuff without permission.

7. Always leave the last piece (of suya) for the person who bought it unless they insist they won’t eat it.

8. Don’t use speaker phone to have a two person conversation unless your hand are unable to hold the phone.

9. When someone else cooks for you, offer to help clean the kitchen.

10. If you stay the night at someone’s
house, make the bed or fold the blankets when you leave.

11. Don’t let your arguments escalate in public. Find someplace else to continue arguing where others won’t feel uncomfortable or interested.

12. If you ask your friends for help with some house work, feed them as payment.

13. When someone buys you food or coffee, try to return the favour within a week (if you can).

14. When you borrow someone’s car, fill up the tank as a way of saying ‘thank you.’

15. Don’t pickup a call when u engage in conversation without taken permission.

16. Make sure you don’t forget to return that book you borrowed.

17. When someone gives you a gift, no matter how small it is or the way it was presented, even if it wasn’t up to your Expectation, Just say ‘Thank You’.

18. When you have someone older than you who’s friendly and makes himself free with you, Speak to them with respect.

19. Don’t Feel too big to be corrected or reject good advice because you feel it’s your life…
Life is a ring…The next blow can come anytime.

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Dear man, no matter the type of husband you’ve been hitherto, you should consider the 10th type on the list below.


Does things on his own without consulting his wife. Hangs out a lot with friends more than his wife. Not serious about marriage life.

Is always boiling like acid and always angry violent, moody, dominating and very dangerous.

He treats his Wife like a Slave and doesn’t respect her in anyway.

Husband for every woman. He loves and cares for girlfriends more than his wife. He Likes giving money to girlfriends and have more female friends.

Very moody and stingy and doesn’t consider wife’s emotions and don’t make the relationship enjoyable. He has no sense of humour.

Uses wife as a problem solver, he only loves his wife when he needs something from her.

Lazy and only loves wife for the sake of money. Uses wife’s money on girlfriends. Not initiative and does not help wife with house responsibilities.

Irresponsible and childish and can’t make decisions on his own without asking his Mother or relatives; compares Wife to relatives and runs to them always if something goes wrong.

Not always at home come as a visitor Provides family all material things but have no time for them.

Caring and loving. Provides material and emotional needs and makes time for family. Guides home spiritually. Very responsible and treats wife as partner and helper.